Neighbors of Seahurst Park

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If you give us any information for our own use (such as an email or mailing address), we will not share it without your permission. NoSP does not collect any identifiable information about you or your visit to this website. Our web host collects anonymous information such as your browser type, operating system and if available your City and Country and makes it available to us, but it's not used for anything.

We will update this page/site with more information soon, so please check back frequently.

Neighbors of Seahurst Park is still collecting donations to pay final bills for things like attorney costs, court fees for filing appeals, and technical consultants to contest the Final Environmental Impact Statement for the Westmark Project. All contributions are sincerely appreciated.

All the work of running the group is done by unpaid volunteers. All funds raised go directly to the defense of the park

Current options for donating money are by mail, or by paying in person. Please see if you qualify for matching payments from your employer, donations to NoSP are tax deductible.

Neighbors of Seahurst Park are registered with the State of Washington as a Non-Profit Corporation. The IRS has approved out tax exempt status as a 501(c)3 entity. All donations made to NoSP after July 16, 2008 are tax deductible.

To find out what you can do, please see our How to Help page.
Neighbors of Seahurst Park
13229 12th Ave. SW #212
Burien, WA 98146

Front Page  |   About Us  |   Privacy Policy  |   News  |   FAQ  |   How to Help

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